Fyglo: Luxury Silk Scarf Line Designed with An Artistic Flair

Flamiingo Square.jpg

Founder Etty Gluck has been making a splash on the New York fashion scene with her luxury silk scarf line Fyglo since she founded the company in 2014. Not only does the brand have an empowering meaning “flying without limits” but it offers a classic touch to any ensemble through a unique approach using vibrant washes and artistic designs such as the flamingo and the violin.

Since its debut in 2014, Fyglo has been featured in publications throughout Brooklyn and in Rockland county, NY as well as in bridal boutiques throughout New York City. Brides have worked with Fyglo on custom creations to match their wedding dresses on their special day. Working professionals are also flocking to the brand to add flair to their business attire.

“Fyglo is getting more and more recognition every day and we are excited to take the brand to new heights, says Etty Gluck.” “We really look forwarding to wowing the public over the next couple of months”

It’s an exciting time for Fyglo, as the growing brand has yet to reach its peak. There is much more to come for Fyglo with an aggressive new Marketing and PR campaign as well as a full website rebrand on the horizon.

Learn more about Fyglo by visiting the website www.fyglo.com.