Trend Report - Fyglo Flamingo Print Scarf

Fyglo with Gucci  bag.jpg
Flamingo scarf
Flamingo Scarf
Fyglo summer scarf
trendy summer scarf

All summer long I've been totally into Flamingos so when I came across this gorgeous Flamingo print scarf by Fyglo it was love at first site. Flamingo prints are definitely trending right now, especially since it's summertime and I've found this to be the perfect accessory for the season. My favorite thing about Fyglo's scarves is that they are very unique so I know when I walk into a room wearing this exotic accessory, I don't have to worry about seeing anyone else wearing the same thing as me. 

Here are a few style tips for wearing this unique handmade scarf this summer:

1. Tie it around your head like a headband to complement your favorite swimsuit while lounging at the pool this summer.

2. Wrap it around your head like the photo above to protect your hair on rainy days for a frizz free look that will withstand the rainy summer season. 

3. Wrap it around your head like the photo above when riding a bike, motorcycle or in a convertible to save your hair from the wind.

4. Use it to add a pop of color to your not -so- summer looking handbag or tote, giving it an instant "summer" feel. 

5. Wear it around your neck when flying. Scarves come in handy when flying because you can easily take it off your neck and cover with it when it gets cold and it can be very comforting in the air as well as stylish.


Learn more about Fyglo luxury silk scarves by visiting their website or email to learn how you can have your very own custom scarf made for any season.