Welcome to In Pursuit of Posh, a personal diary of fashion, beauty, love and travel. My name is Christine and I am from Orlando Florida. My life is a bit crazy, super hectic and a little all over the place. From writing and blogging to media pitching, one thing I know for sure is that I love fashion! In Pursuit of Posh is the way I share my experiences with the world.  Posh is described as elegant and exclusive. Most of my life I have chosen to take a different path than my peers. I tend to choose the road less traveled. I’m in pursuit of posh to put my unique stamp on this world in an elegant way. In my blog you’ll find everything from the chicest fashion trends to exotic destinations and you’ll learn how to make your life feel a little more posh along the way. Join me on my journey to posh as I live out my dreams in the fashion industry and follow my heart all over the world.